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Aaron Call

Aaron Call

Chief Information Security Officer

Aaron Call joined WPS Health Solutions in December 2019 as Chief Information Security Officer. Today he leads the company’s combined security and IT infrastructure teams, ensuring delivery of robust and secure IT services.

He was previously the Chief Information Security Officer for the state of Minnesota, where he led security and infrastructure teams, authored the state’s cybersecurity strategic plan, and founded an IT governance structure spanning more than 90 departments and agencies.

Earlier in his career, he led security programs for IO Data Centers (now Baselayer) in Arizona and the Department of Defense as a contractor at Scott Air Force Base. Previously, he was a commissioned police officer and sole-proprietor IT consultant.

Aaron earned a law degree from the Southern Illinois University School of Law and a bachelor’s degree in administration of justice with a minor in German.

In March 2022, Aaron was elected to the Board of Directors for the Germanic-American Institute, a Minnesota nonprofit dedicated to fostering appreciation and understanding of the culture, language, arts, and ongoing history of German-speaking peoples through public educational and cultural programs.