Meet our Leaders

Tony Chough

Tony Chough

Executive Vice President, System Solutions

Tony Chough leads System Solutions, which was created in 2018 to guide WPS through technology transformation.

Tony joined the company in July 2018 as Senior Vice President of WPS Military and Veterans Health Technology Process Innovation.

System Solutions is closely aligned with these WPS business units: Government Health Administrators, Health Insurance, and Military and Veterans Health.

Before joining WPS, Tony was Senior Vice President—Chief Design Officer at HHS Technology Group. Earlier in his career, he held leadership roles at American HealthTech, Health Market Science, PNC Wealth Management, and ADVISORport.

Tony is a graduate of Penn State University, where he was on a pre-medicine path. While on the waiting list for medical school, he accepted an offer to join a friend’s start-up business and quickly developed an expertise in information technology and strategy.