WPS partners with Hearing Care Solutions

MADISON, Wis.—March 18, 2022—WPS Health Insurance and WPS Health Plan (collectively WPS) have selected, effective January 2022, Hearing Care Solutions as their new hearing program vendor. The program will be available to all our customers who are covered by our senior, group, and individual health insurance product lines.

WPS recognizes the importance of hearing care and the impacts of hearing loss on the overall quality of life, as well as the implications of having multiple diseases or conditions when hearing loss is one of them.

“As we age, hearing naturally diminishes, but correcting it can be far easier than some of the problems hearing loss may be related to,” said Tiffany Bauer McDonald, WPS Director of Insurance Product Development and Innovation. “We know that hearing loss is linked to a higher risk of falls, accelerated rate of cognitive decline, greater social isolation, greater risk of dementia, and more. Partnering with Hearing Care Solutions allows us to provide fixed, discounted pricing for high-quality hearing care product services. ”

Through our hearing program, all WPS customers receive:

  • Comprehensive hearing exam at no charge
  • Hearing aid evaluation at no charge
  • Fixed, discounted pricing at multiple levels of hearing aid technology
  • Choice of up to nine major manufacturers
  • Access to Hearing Care Solutions doctor of audiology and product specialists to respond to questions
  • Customer service concierge team that helps ensure high-quality care and support
  • Choice of more than 5,000 locations nationwide

All hearing aids purchased through the hearing program include:

  • Hearing aid fitting at no charge
  • 60-day evaluation period
  • Three-year supply of batteries (up to 64 cells per ear, per year for nonrechargeable devices)
  • One year of follow-up care at no charge, with original provider
  • 12-month, interest-free financing available to qualified applicants

Hearing instruments purchased through the hearing program include features such as:

  • Direct to iPhone and Android connectivity
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Smartphone apps
  • Rechargeability with lithium-ion technology (charger included with many devices)
  • Remote-access adjustments and telehealth capabilities
  • Accessories for TV and phone connectivity

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The hearing program made available to all individual and group health insurance product lines is a discount program that is independent and separate from the coverage that may be available to customers through their WPS health benefit plan. If customers have questions, they should reach out to the customer service number located on their WPS ID card.

The intent of this advertisement is solicitation of insurance, and contact may be made by the insurer or a licensed agent. Neither Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation, nor its agents, nor products are connected with the federal Medicare program. Hearing program is not part of the insurance policy, is offered at no additional charge, and can be changed or discontinued at any time.