Message from our CEO

Wendy Perkins

A message from Wendy Perkins, President and Chief Executive Officer

Thank you for visiting WPS Health Solutions! As you explore our website, you’ll discover a vast array of products and services, but I’d like to take a minute to tell you about our greatest asset–the more than 2,600 caring professionals who work tirelessly to provide you with a great experience.

Government program administration and health insurance are not the easiest things in the world to understand. That’s why for more than 75 years our goal has been to make health care easier for the people we serve. Whether you’re submitting your Medicare claim, trying to find an in-network doctor through the TRICARE program, shopping for a new health plan, or are already a valued customer, you can count on us to simplify things so you can make smart decisions and get the most out of your health coverage.

When the need arises for you to contact us with a question or problem, we’re on your side. When our phones ring, or we get a letter or email from you, you’re probably not taking time to just say, “Hi.” You have an issue you want resolved so you can get on with your day. We work hard to give you clear answers fast, and without a bunch of insurance-speak. Protecting your health, financial security, and peace of mind is the focus of what we do every day. Since 1946, WPS has built the trust of our customers, because they know we listen and we care.

Change and adversity have been common over the past few years. WPS has become more resilient and moved forward but remains focused on you. We genuinely appreciate the trust you place in us and promise to earn that trust every day.

Thanks again for stopping by.