Donated iPads from WPS help students continue education at home

MADISON, Wis.—April 13, 2020—WPS Health Solutions recently donated 15 Apple iPad tablets with the help of John Matthews, a member of the WPS Board of Directors and former Executive Director of Madison Teachers, Inc.

The iPads were given to the Beaver Dam Unified School District, Madison Metropolitan School District, and the Foundation for Madison Public Schools.

The devices then were distributed to students who are in need of learning technology at home.

"WPS’ donation is crucial to the continuing education of children because of schools being closed for several months given the coronavirus pandemic,” John said.

He was concerned that some families didn’t have the means to own a computer or a tablet device. He asked WPS about the availability of used iPads that could be donated, and the Information Technology team provided 15 devices.

“All parties are not only appreciative, but excited,” John said. “Because of the pandemic, many teachers are attempting to stay in contact with their students electronically, and actually teach using electronic devices. Thus, the importance that all children be able to take advantage of their teacher’s efforts.”

“Providing technology and the resources needed for children to continue their education from home is a small act that WPS can do to make a large and lasting impact in our WPS communities.”

Sandi Gardner, WPS Chief Technology Officer, WPS Health Solutions

Kelly Kuenzi, a teacher in Beaver Dam, was thrilled that her school was one of the recipients. “I have delivered six of the iPads and I can’t even describe in words how rewarding it has been,” she said. “Every family has been so appreciative and amazed that they get to keep this iPad. I feel a little guilty being able to see the receiving end when I didn’t do anything but deliver it.”

Kelly shared a text from one of the parents: “I wanted to thank you and whoever donated. Please thank them for us. She already did a lesson and is on her next one.”