WPS is awarded Medicare J5 contract

MADISON, Wis.—Sept. 27, 2019—WPS Health Solutions was once again awarded the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) Jurisdiction 5 contract. The announcement was made Sept. 20 by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

The J5 award is for Part A and Part B Medicare benefit administration for Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. This contract also provides Part A Medicare benefit administration for specific providers in more than 40 other states across the nation. The award is for one base year and six option years, which will extend to 2026.

“This is exciting news,” said Janet Kyle, Executive Vice President of WPS Government Health Administrators. “It reaffirms everything that we have been working toward over the past several years. CMS has seen the transformation to our technology and processes. They have seen the commitment and dedication of our high-performing staff. They have seen that we are thought-leaders and are here to help CMS with their challenges and to reduce the burden for our providers.”

CMS awarded WPS the first J5 contract in September 2006, and then re-awarded it to WPS in July 2012.

WPS also has the contract for Jurisdiction 8, which includes the Part A and Part B workload for Michigan and Indiana.