WPS launches new Kairos Technologies, Inc. subsidiary
New company to focus on health data product innovation

MADISON, Wis.—May 11, 2022—Kairos Technologies, Inc. (Kairos), a new wholly owned subsidiary of Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation, is set to start changing the way health data and information is used.

Kairos is an artificial intelligence-focused incubation and market acceleration program to fuel future growth. The new company is working on creating health data products through research and development. A pipeline of innovations based on knowledge cultivated over years of experience in the industry will accelerate delivery of marketable health data products. Kairos will carry these value-driven products forward with a goal of internal or external commercialization.

“There is an advancing market for new and innovative health care payer innovations, and we intend to lead the charge. We’ve been sorting through an expanding list of product concepts, evaluating them for their viability and time to market. Our goal is to make a real impact with the first prototype,” said Matt Nash, President of Kairos.

Kairos, located at 1 S. Pinckney Street, Suite 300, in Madison, Wis., has its own facility and employees, and the business operates separately from WPS Health Solutions.

About Kairos Technologies, Inc.

Kairos Technologies, Inc., founded in 2022, is a cutting-edge health care technology organization dedicated to improving the health industry. Established by a group of passionate technocrats, machine learning engineers, and software developers based in Madison, Wis., Kairos aims to revolutionize the way health care providers, patients, and payers work together.