Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At WPS Health Solutions, we believe fostering a sustainable and lasting inclusive environment requires infusing diversity, equity, and inclusion into our systems, behaviors, and daily work. That starts with our people. We recognize the benefits of DEI as an investment in our workforce—both current and future—to effectively seek, leverage, and include diverse perspectives that fuel agility and innovation on high-performing teams.

Our efforts focus on five key areas: diverse and inclusive teams, inclusive leaders, equitable practices and systems, healthier communities, and represented customers.

  • Diverse and Inclusive Teams: Increase the wide range of human differences present at WPS and foster an environment that encourages our people to be their authentic selves and unleash their full potential
  • Inclusive Leaders: Increase ownership for leaders at all levels to learn about, incorporate, and model inclusive behaviors to nurture diverse and inclusive teams
  • Equitable Practices and Systems: Create practices and systems to support all individuals, removing unintentional barriers and promoting equity for all
  • Healthier Communities: Establish and invest in external partnerships to address key drivers of social and health equity
  • Represented Customers: Customize products and services to reflect all our customers in the ways they need most to make health care easier

We understand we must do more to widen our perspectives and to facilitate conversations that can often be difficult. We’ve challenged our employees and our leaders to grow individually so that we may flourish collectively. We are committed to living an inclusive, genuine experience at work that extends into our homes and communities.

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