Meet our Leaders

Jim Baird

Michael “Mike” Brower

Chief Government Officer

Mike Brower is an Operations Executive with a proven track record of proactively planning, implementing, and leading large-scale, multifaceted business process operation solutions. His efforts help reduce costs, increase productivity, and meet compliance requirements in the health care industry. He is a member of WPS’ Enterprise Leadership Team, which is responsible for overall company direction and culture.

By leveraging 20 years of government contracting experience, Mike was able to develop and execute an operational vision and growth strategy key to the retention of core business contracts and new business totaling over $1 billion in total contract value.

Since joining WPS Health Solutions in 2022, Mike has overseen the WPS Government Health Administrators line of business, including two Medicare Administrative Contracts (Jurisdiction 5 and Jurisdiction 8). As Chief Government Officer, Mike has added oversight of all government contracts, including WPS Military and Veterans Health lines of business. Mike is also a proud alumni of Indiana University-Bloomington, where he graduated with degrees in finance and legal studies.