Corporate Social Responsibility

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WPS is committed to making the members of our team feel valued. We encourage professional growth through training programs on topics like leadership, communication, team-building, and Agile processes. We also reimburse our employees for tuition and for attending seminars, workshops, and conferences. We host listening sessions to ensure WPS is a welcoming environment to all. Our Boost employee recognition program provides everyone a platform to recognize the good work of their teammates. WPS has created a positive culture which was honored by:

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WPS continues to develop ways to create opportunities for all communities. We have worked to create a diverse and inclusive talent pipeline by:

  • Establishing the WPS Diversity in Insurance Scholarship with Madison College and Urban League of Greater Madison.
  • Partnering with Talent Acquisition for an inclusive hiring workshop with Step Up: Equity Matters—a local minority- and women-owned business.
  • Diversifying our suppliers to include more local, small, and disadvantaged businesses.
  • Creating strategic partnerships to address key drivers of social and health equity.
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In 2021, WPS celebrated our 75th anniversary of making health care easier for the communities we serve. WPS is a company you can trust. WPS deals with sensitive information and is committed to guarding our customers’ data and privacy. We provide employees with ongoing training on the proper handling and disclosure of sensitive information and ensure our corporate policies regarding information privacy and security are followed.

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WPS remains committed to the highest ethical standards. It is everybody’s individual responsibility to make sure we conduct our business with honesty, integrity, sincerity, and truthfulness. To foster our ethical culture, WPS:

  • Enforces the WPS Health Solutions Code of Conduct.
  • Empowers our Corporate Compliance Officer and support staff to oversee the corporate compliance and ethics program.
  • Requires all employees, contractors, executives, and board members to complete compliance and ethics training at least annually.
  • Regularly educates employees about ethics topics through multiple channels.
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The inspiration for WPS came from filling a need in our community—a commitment to affordable health care for Wisconsin veterans. From day one, helping others has been the driving force at WPS. WPS partners with and contributes to many philanthropic organizations. True to our mission, we focus on health and wellness, especially of:

  • Women.
  • Children.
  • Seniors.
  • Military and veterans.
  • Underserved populations.

WPS does this work in several ways: through corporate donations, through our WPS Charitable Foundation, and through the generosity of our employees.

Our commitment to veterans continued to grow in 2021. WPS established a “Military and Veteran Inclusion Lead” on our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team. Our goal is to attract, recruit, onboard, develop, engage, and retain service members, military, veterans, and their families. We have also established veterans scholarships and provide support on veterans Honor Flights.

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It’s our responsibility to be good stewards of the environment. WPS has made being greener a top priority. In ways big and small, we’re increasing energy efficiency of our facilities and operations and taking on sustainability initiatives. We’re also reducing our footprint to adjust to more of our employees working remotely.