Wendy Perkins

A message from WPS Health Solutions President and CEO Wendy Perkins

Mental health is health. At WPS Health Solutions, we are fighting to reduce and eliminate stigmas associated with mental health issues and improve access to care. No one should be afraid or ashamed to seek care for mental health concerns. And no one should have to wait for help.

Since becoming President and CEO in April 2023, I’ve worked with company leaders to step up and address the mental health needs of the people and communities we serve. We responded to address the needs of society following the pandemic, and I’m proud of our efforts. In this report, you will see WPS is determined to focus on mental health for our beneficiaries, insured, and employees because mental health care is essential health care.

Throughout 2023, we worked to bring awareness, fund programming, reduce stigmas, and advance availability of mental health care in every way we could. We work hard every day together to make health care easier for the people we serve. It's not just a statement but our company's mission.

Our more than 2,500 employees are focused on doing what is right for our health insurance customers and government program beneficiaries, improving efficiencies in processes and purchasing, and doing it all with integrity.

At WPS, we're passionate about our purpose. Health care, in many respects, is broken. As we work for solutions to help fix it, we know our work will not be easy. We are grateful for the efforts of our employees, the trust of our millions of customers and beneficiaries, the support we have in our communities, and your time as you review this report.

Wendy Perkins

Wendy Perkins
President and CEO
WPS Health Solutions